Tangible Paradigm

Workshop Method | Digitization | Smartphone App


Knowledge sharing in companies often happens in the context of meetings and workshops. Using common workshop materials such as sticky notes, Metaplan, and other moderation/facilitation techniques. We initially focused on tangible business process modeling (t.BMP). In t.BPM, the workshop group interactively creates formal IT-models by putting acrylic plates on a table. After the workshop, image logs are generated for documentation. To follow-up, these images need to be copied manually into a software tool which is an time-expensive task that does not contribute to the creation of value.


A smartphone app digitizes the analog workshop artifacts automatically into common process modeling software. To do so, individual model elements are classified based on shape and color. Furthermore, handwritten text is analyzed and converted into a digital form. Thus, the digital processing of workshop results will be fully automated. The product of the startup is to support various workshop scenarios such as brainstorming, strategic planning, business process analysis, project planning and requirements analysis. The company promotes the use of standardized notations to enable precise communication and to ensure a long-term interpretation of the model. With little configuration, custom notations can also be supported.

My Role

Image Analysis Software for Digitalization of Workshop Results


Shape detection using computer vision, development of a business plan.


Fourier Analysis, Hough Transform(GHT), image stiching

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